sábado, 8 de agosto de 2009

Well yesterday I went to Guanatos, hence we decided to go with some Cuates the hotel zone, we arrived and parked in the Plaza dady O, where we went from there to? good to go to one of those bars that are open, we were served, I was a tequila, my pal and his whiskey, tons were there for a while and we went to Coco Bongo, but we come and we went to The City,,, ahi ohhh come and surprise, this crowded ... full as it had rarely seen. chido was there and we left because we could barely walk, to clarify, that I liked the music they were playing, because they were mixtures of electronica of David Guetta and Armin Van Bureen, including recognition that ... very good rolas Inche antrum and around the bustling ... But from there we left and went to the Bull Dog, I liked that they were putting their bows to go, well that's fine, but told people not to let go because it was full, and if it was and I think its ventilation system was bad because of heat into a whole Chingo Inche people jumping and crushing ... Anyway, I was saying is that no people left to go but I know if these VIP pass ... but we got us a good string and rope and we got there and gave us the courtesy and go .. here we are known for many ... there were ... The trouble was returned, my pal zizagueando came across the street did not want to take a taxi, do not let the drunk driving .. jeje We were lucky we did not see any transitoooo

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