miércoles, 7 de enero de 2009

Despertador / Wake UPPPPPP

yo quiero uno de estos... todos los dias me da un coraje no poder tirar el celular / despertador muy lejos demi.. jejeje

Morning call: Smash the top to stop the alarm

By Rajni on Lifestyle


I’ve always been a lazybean when it came to getting up early in the morning. All you guys out there, who share my early morning jitters, will agree that we don’t treat our alarm clocks fairly. I, for one, have lost count of the clocks I have smashed in order to shut off the alarm. Matthias Lange has created an alarm clock that would love to be smashed. And guess what, he named it Smash!

What’s different? Unlike the regular alarm clocks available in the market shelves, Smash visualizes the daily usage in form of deformations on the top surface of the device. Punch it on the top and the alarm is turned off. The deformation becomes a sign for the individual daily usage and stays with you for years. Cool or what? Smash is sure gonna be my next buy. What about you?


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