jueves, 12 de febrero de 2009

Lo que creian en 1910...

Leyendo los blogs, encontre esto, como imaginaban en el pasado que seria el año 2000... jejeje chequen..


Car Shoes

The Barber

The Avenue of the Opera

A Curiosity

The Electric Train From Paris to Beijing

A Rescue

Speak to the Caretaker
This image clearly takes its inspiration from another French futurist, Albert Robida ...

Sentinel Advanced in the Helicopter

Cyclist Scouts

Phonographic Message

One For the Road

Lady In Her Bathroom

Heating With Radium

Hearing The Newspaper

Correspondence Cinema

Cars of War ( Like Mad Max )

Building Site

At School

A Festival of Flowers

A Chemical Dinner
It's amazing how long the idea of synthetic food has been with us.

Airship On The Long Course

The Tailor

Flying Police ( i am sure that COPs would love this Laughing )

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