lunes, 15 de diciembre de 2008

Be careful what you respond to women

Elisa: Gorditooo! What would you do if I died?

Emilio: You keep mourning.

Elisa: For a long time?

Emilio: Very much time!

Elisa: Why?

Emilio: (seriously) Because I love you and your loss would be painful for me. Why?

Elisa (with a smile). Ayy that nice. Would you marry?

Emilio: No

Elisa (with expression dolida) Why not? Do not feel like being married?

Emilio: If I like.

Elisa: So you back if you married?

Emilio: (carraspea) I think that after they have stored during mourning long enough and my life make sense again, yes.

Elisa: Do you sleep with her in our bed?

Emilio: It is assumed, no?

Elisa: I would replace the photo of her on the bedside table?

Emilio: It would the two photos.

Elisa: Do you also would have sex with her ... in our bed?

Emilio: (drinking a sip of coffee) will surely come to that. Yes.

Elisa: also play golf with her?

Emilio: Yes, I would.

Elisa: You Would my sticks?

Emilio: No, it is left-handed.

Elisa: ¡¡¿¿¿ As ???!!

Emilio: Shit! ...i screw up...!

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