miércoles, 24 de diciembre de 2008

Merry Christmas Day

Well, I guess that like many other cities, traffic these days is horrible. Today I went to work as always, take the truck and luckily was almost empty, there were no complications down the front of the hotel where I work. As a one of the first hotels in the area often have to jump a lot of people to lose power, so let's say it was good. At work, it was quiet out my duties and I urge others not to advance. There were hardly any calls, but this is also good because people will just want to go home already. The auditor gave bottles as gifts to all its staff, I was a bottle of Cazadores (I like to take Tekila course in moderation) and good at 1 pm You could say that just working hours, starting the toast ... First with the owners of the hotel was quoted at 1 pm, but it seems that the owner had an accident tons, almost at 2. You know all emotional .. quiet ... abrasives, kissing here and there. Nice messages. I was ready. Followed by the toast of another area of work, equal, best wishes and congratulations. At 3 pm, and had finished everything. My boss gave me a ride to the city center, THANK YOU, because at that time the truck passed the hotel zone repletossss people. I was fortunately in the square to take a quick taxi. I did not come to the square because I imagine people would like. Like .. taxi dodging traffic was the worst ... but in order to reach home safely .. and ready to eat and sleep with the family .. I do not want to leave, because tomorrow is another day and if I go to the square to watch a movie, perhaps, go to greet friends and eat reheated ... I expect some romeritos .... Merry Christmas Day.

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