lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2008


'Eggs hot. "

-Three friends were talking and one said:

- UY! When I make love with John, I touch the eggs and make you hot!
-The other said: - UUUYYY! When I make love with Peter, I touch the eggs and is also heated!
And the third says - NO! I have not noticed, but tonight, when you make love with Jaime, I'm going to fix them and counting.

- The other day meet, and the woman comes with a black eye, one arm cast, a limp ... in short, any Moreta and friends ask: - But what the hell happened to you?

- What happens is that he was making love with Jaime, and I remembered what we had spoken, so he played the

eggs and told him:


* * Happy Marriage

A couple were interviewed in a television program because they were married for some 40 years and had never fought.
The journalist, full of curiosity, asked the woman:
But you, ever been discussed?
'No,' replied the woman
And how is that?
When we got married my husband had a mare that he appreciated very much, that is what they most wanted ...
It was the creature he most mimaba in life.
The day of our wedding we went on our honeymoon Carruaje pulled by the mare.
On the way to our destination the mare ran.
My husband told with a strong voice to the mare: ONE.
In the middle of our destiny the mare ran again.
My husband looked at the mare and said: DOS.
Upon reaching our destination once again encountered the mare, and my husband came down and told him: THREE.
He then pulled out the gun and hit five shots in the mare.
'I totally surprised and upset reproached him:
Son of the chingada, murderer, why have you killed the mare you're a stupid, stupid!
My husband looked at me fixedly and said to me: ONE '.
And since no FART IS BETWEEN U.S.

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