jueves, 18 de diciembre de 2008

kindergarten nParty

The parents of kindergarten were asked to come dressed for a fiestecita ... ..

Suddenly, the surprise and consternation of all
present, a mother disguised with a thigh skirt, blouse escotadísima, half-black with visible garter belts,
mesh with skate backwards, sequin bag, high heels gold tip pen, feather boa, smoking with a long nozzle. ....

Very upset, he reproached the mother superior to that lady, asking for their dress:

- 'What is this costume lady? "

The lady with no drop of shame he responds to calm the religious:
Well, I came with the disguise that I was asked in the message that you sent to my son,

'DE PUTA FINA. " = prostitute

To which the Mother Superior responded otherwise: - '

PITUFINA = Smurfs, Madam,


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